Product Description

Having cognizance of the implications of fund management and poor record keeping in an organisation, we wish to introduce to you a COMPLETE BANKING DATABASE WITH SMS TRANSACTION ALERT SOLUTIONS — a software that enables you to track and manage the flow and a perfect record keeping of all financial at a low Cost.



1. Categorized Customer’s Account creation with auto generated account number

2. Customer profile update and easy search facility

3. Account transactions enquiring

4. Mandate upload and download

5. Easy cheque book/pass book/counter cheque allocation

6. Balance enquiring

7. Account Status (account closure, block account, dormant account, account reactivation place-hold)

8. Authorization


1. Transfer to/from correspondence banks

2. Treasury in/out

3. Treasury ledger/cashier status

4. Authorized cash limit to officer

5. Vault status



1. Cash and other instruments deposit with additional facilties for institutional requirement such as salaries and pension

2. withdrawals incorporating facilities to handle over draft that have been recognized within the system with cash limit and final posting by approved officer

3. thrift saving scheme/osusu with automated charges/commission (optional) 4. internal and external transfer

5. automated COT with facility for concession/automated salary charge

6. SMS/Mobile alert for deposit and withdrawals, facility due and matured deal

7. Instrument lodgment and authorization


This module handles all load transaction and manages all the functionality of the credit. It deploys loan management interface on the core banking operations either individual or group lending.

1. Loans/Product Setup

2. Loan Disbursement

3. Loans Authorization

4. Loans Repayment

5. Write off Loan/loan termination

6. Overdraft granted and authorization

7. TOD (Temporary Overdraft)

8. Over Draft Suspension


1. Pretty cash

2. Journal

3. Transaction authorization

4. Transaction Entry Reversal

5. Intrabranch Transaction

6. End of the daily processing

7. End of the month processing

8. End of the year processing (with will close your P&L for the financial year)


1. Fixed Deposit (Call/Term Deposit)

2. Fixed Deposit Authorization/Termination

3. Placement with Banks and other discount houses

4. Authorized placement / Termination of placement


1. Creation of assets

2. Setting of calculating assets

3. View and Update

4. Assets Report


1. Account Opening

2. Account Transactions (daily Cash Transaction)

3. Account Statement

4. Schedule of debit balances

5. Schedule of Overdraft Granted

6. Account Officer’s report

7. Product position Reports

8. Product statics reports

9. Performance Appraiser

10. Cashier Transaction

11. Branch Transaction

12. Overdraft Granted

13. Loan Granted Report

14. Loan Repayment Schedule

15. Loan Productivity Report

16. Loan Status Report

17. Loan Recovery Report

18. Portfolio Summary Report

19. Non-performing load Report

20. Ageing Analysis Report

21. Ageing of arrears report

22. Ageing of Portfolio at Risk report

23. Customer Deposit report

24. Daily balancing summary

25. Sectorial analysis report

26. Lending Model report

27. Insured of deposit report

28. Audit trial report

29. Uncleared effect report


1. Profit and loss

2. Balance sheet

3. Trial balancing


Here, all the products, charges/rate and other parameters are setup;

1. Account Setup

2. Backup and Recovery

3. Cashier Setup

4. Chart of account setup

5. Charges and rate setup

6. Correspondence bank setup

7. Cash and Approved officers creation with their cash limit

8. COT Setup

9. Date Setup

10. Establishment Setup

11. Fixed Deposit Setup

12. Instrument Setup

13. Marketer Setup

14. Loan Setup

15. Overdraft Officer Setup

16. Processing Setup

17. Security Setup

18. SMS activation

19. Ticket Setup

20. User Role setup

21. User Profile

22. User Status

23. Vault Setup

24. Provision Setup


1. Human Resources (on Request)

2. Transaction Alert (on Request)